The Customer acknowledges that the service of SEO, Web Developement and Marketing Promotion is provided by Vedova & Partners LLP  through the Internet and then in a manner as described online and published on the site, under the conditions set out below. Conditions that are to be built and completed by the ” Disclaimer “on the site.

The transmission on line in the application form for service activation and payment of the required form you accept all the terms and conditions of this contract drafted and prepared in compliance with the provisions contained in the Directive 97/7 / EC on the protection of consumers in respect of distance contracts. Any more performances than the ones set in the offer will be made only after specific request of the User according to procedures to be determined from time to time.


* 1.1 This contract for the supply of services is concluded between the company Vedova & Partners LLP, The Apex, 2 Sheriffs Orchard, Coventry, CV1 3PP, UK
Company No. OC417730, hereinafter referred to as simply “Vedova & Partners” and l ‘ user the subscriber contract or application form, hereinafter referred to as simply “User”.



* 2.1 Vedova & Partners provides for the user Search Engine Optimization Service, Social Media Mangement and Web Develepoment
* 2.2 The User, acting in complete independence, can buy the services offered by Vedova & Partners possibly sell them to their customers. Vedova & Partners offer hospitality through its dedicated servers and connected to the Internet sites of the User and its customers.
* 2.3 For legal purposes, business or financial, the User will resell the services offered by Vedova & Partners should be regarded as an independent entity from Vedova & Partners. The User is only authorized to resell the services offered by Vedova & Partners as specified in this Agreement. The User has no authority to act on behalf of Vedova & Partners.
* 2.4 You may use, even translating it into different languages, all documentation produced by Vedova & Partners and made available on its Web site.
* 2.5 You acknowledge and agree:
– Vedova & Partners assumes that an ‘obligation of means and not of result, therefore the success of the application for registration / transfer is subject to its acceptance by the competent Registration Authorities
– That domain names which appear to be available may not be in reality and is already being recorded but not yet included in the databases of Authorities
– That Vedova & Partners is not responsible and can not under any circumstances take responsibility for the resolution of disputes concerning the assignment of a domain name, as well as any changes made by the Authorities to the registration procedures or to the relevant Naming


* 3.1 By signing the order on the site sent to Vedova & Partners, the User requests to Vedova & Partners to provide its services according to the specifications given in the order. The signing of the order and the use of services implies the acceptance of these general conditions of contract.
* 3.2 You acknowledge and agree that:
– Ensure that the procedure of registration has successfully completed, the user must provide accurate and truthful and produce, according to the request, the necessary documents.
– Vedova & Partners undertakes to communicate to the email address indicated by you when completing the order, all instructions and information necessary for the successful completion of the action;
3.3 The User must notify Vedova & Partners immediately or no later than 24 hours of sunshine any irregularities in service. Any damage caused by a little diligent communication will be considered the responsibility of the User.


4.1 The contract ends only when Vedova & Partners user receives the request form when the service is accepted in its entirety with the procedures provided for the conclusion of contracts on line, together with the payment of the sum due to the type of service chosen. The service activation, therefore, from the date of effecting payment. The payment is due at the time of activation of the service for the first period, while for periods after the payment of the consideration will be made within 1 days of expiration.
You acknowledge that the payment of the service can be made with one of the procedures indicated in the online form, and exactly paypal or credit card.
4.2 Vedova & Partners reserves the right to unilaterally change at any time without notice both to the tariffs that the terms and conditions of this Agreement. The Subscriber shall dissenting, in this unique event, the right to cancel the subscription within 30 days from the moment you have been informed of any changes. In this case he will be entitled to reimbursement of the amount of the subscription period may not benefited. The Subscriber expressly agrees that any change under this paragraph may be brought to its attention also by Vedova & Partners and therefore sending an e-mail will constitute formal notification of the change.
4.3 Non-payment by You of the agreed renewal Vedova & Partners authorizes the suspension of the service after 2 days from the date the payment was due; any sums paid in advance or deposit will be retained by Vedova & Partners to cover the expenses incurred for the preparation and the technical study of the service. The user is in any case required to pay the amount due to Vedova & Partners, to pay compensation for additional damages, and will persist until such time as ‘the situation of arrears’.


* 5.1 Unless otherwise specified, the contract has a duration of 1 month (one) and the user is automatically renewed monthly upon expiration of the first month and subsequent to the period of 30 (tirthy) days if notice is not given, upon notice by registered mail,within 1 (one) day from the end of the period.
* 5.2 The terms of this contract are fully implemented and accepted by the customer even in the case of use of charge and / or temporary services provided to any title from Vedova & Partners.
* 5.3 You acknowledge:
– To have the right to terminate this contract, without obligation to give reasons and / or to pay any penalty, within 1 (one) day from its signing or from the day have been fulfilled the obligations set out art. 4 D.lgs.cit. The right of withdrawal under this clause is exercised by sending by the deadline of a written communication to Vedova & Partners LLP the Apex, 2 Sheriffs Orchard, Coventry, CV1 3PP, UK Company No. OC417730, by registered mail with return receipt. The communication can be sent, within the same period, by telegram, telex and facsimile, provided it is confirmed by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt within 48 hours. It is understood, and what the Customer acknowledges and agrees that the arrangements in this agreement does not apply when the Customer performs and concludes this contract for purposes related to their business or profession;
– That any complaints may be sent to the headquarters of Vedova & Partners;
– That the services will be provided through the procedures indicated on the website of Vedova & Partners (
* 5.3 Warranty 30 days “Money Back”
All our services are covered by a warranty of 30 days. type “Money back guarantee”! If you are not completely satisfied with the service during the first 30 days of use, Vedova & Partners will refund the cost of the service chosen, without having to justify the reasons for the request!

The customer is entitled to withdraw freely from these Conditions within 1 day following the conclusion of the contract. The withdrawal must be exercised in writing by registered mail with return receipt to be sent to Vedova & Partners LLP the Apex, 2 Sheriffs Orchard, Coventry, CV1 3PP, UK Company No. OC417730 . The notice may also be sent by fax or email, if confirmed within 48 hours by registered letter a / r. Following the withdrawal by the Customer in accordance with the above and within 2 days from the date of withdrawal, Vedova & Partners will credit the customer for the amounts that paid


* 6.1 Vedova & Partners is not responsible for the content of the information published by the user on the Internet and is not responsible in any way for damage caused directly or indirectly by the services provided; the user uses the services provided by Vedova & Partners assuming all civil and criminal liability arising from the use of such services, raising Vedova & Partners from liability in case of complaints, lawsuits, governmental or administrative actions, losses or damages (including legal costs and fees) arising from illegal services by the user or one or more of its customers. Vedova & Partners may interrupt the service without notice, in which case the User will be refunded the unused portion of the service calculated from the day of failure to provide the same user already anticipated.
* 6.2 You agree not to store sensitive data on the site and to take charge of the responsibilities arising from the failure to protect the data entered; it also undertakes to take the utmost care of alphanumeric codes (called “password”) necessary for the performance of the service will not transfer them to third parties, in response, therefore the custody of them.
* 6.3 is strictly PROHIBITED of Your use of telematic services Vedova & Partners for illicit purposes, for sending unsolicited advertising (also known as “spamming” or “spam”) in discussion groups on Usenet (“newsgroups “) and / or addresses of users who have no relationship with the sender.
And ‘also it is forbidden to publish websites containing newspaper journalism without the written consent of Vedova & Partners and not to consider and / or indicate in any case Vedova & Partners as a publisher or printer without the written consent of Vedova & Partners same.
It also prohibited the publication of:
a. pornographic, obscene, erotic or in favor of pedophilia
b. offensive material or purposes contrary to morality and decency
c. material for purposes contrary to public
d. material detrimental to the rights of third parties
and. copyrighted material (ex. books and / or publications or parts of them or whatever)
f. material held illegally (ie. pirated software, unauthorized copies, etc.)
g. materials or applications that use an excessive amount of CPU resources and / or cause malfunctions to the server
h. information or databases in contrast to the current legislation
* 6.4 The material considered “doubtful” at the discretion of Vedova & Partners, will be examined and a decision is made on the possibility of release after a suitable notice via e-mail user.
If you fail to comply with the terms mentioned above, Vedova & Partners cease services without notice and without that nothing is owed by Vedova & Partners for any remaining period. The User also acknowledges and accepts that in case of dispute with third parties regarding the service, Vedova & Partners reserves the right to suspend the service pending the resolution of the dispute in the appropriate judicial, explicitly excluded any repayments or compensation or liability of Vedova & Partners for loss of use of services offered in the period of suspension.
* 6.5 The User is directly responsible for relations with its potential end users concerning the services provided by Vedova & Partners, both in the sales in the aftermarket, answering questions posed by them and offering them all the necessary support for the entire contract period.
* 6.6 The User must exercise extreme caution to ensure that their customers do not use the services illegally, violating the laws of the United Kingdom and European Community and the laws in force in the place in which the user and its clients reside.
* 6.7 The User is obliged to promptly notify any changes to the personal data disclosed upon signing of the service: in particular, must guarantee their reachability via email and to communicate any changes that relate to the email address indicated at time of signing that is considered by Vedova & Partners as email address valid reference for each letter relating to the contract.
* 6.9 Vedova & Partners and the User mutually undertake to ensure that any employees will treat as absolutely confidential any data or information known or managed for reasons of his office.


* 7.1 You understand and acknowledge that telematic services Vedova & Partners is based on a system physically located in United Kingdom, of the European Community or in any other country in the world, depending on the technical resources necessary for the proper service delivery.


* 8.1 In no event shall Vedova & Partners nor any other that had a part in the creation, production or supply of services Vedova & Partners be liable for any direct or indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages of any nature, whether contractual that extra-contractual, resulting from or employing the services of Vedova & Partners and / or interruption of the operation of services Vedova & Partners. The provisions of this Article shall remain valid and effective even after the termination of the term of this contract, expiration, termination or cancellation thereof.
* 8.2 In no event Vedova & Partners will be held responsible for malfunction of services resulting from liability of telephone lines, electricity and national and global networks, such as failures, overloads, outages, etc..
* 8.3 No compensation will be required to Vedova & Partners for any direct and / or indirect arising from the use or non-utilization of services. If you suffer damage, you may be required to reimburse the price paid for any period where not taken the service.
* 8.4 Vedova & Partners shall not be held responsible for failures to comply with its obligations arising from causes outside the sphere of the company’s control or acts of God.
* 8.5 Vedova & Partners shall not be held liable for infringements of third parties that affect the functioning our services made available to you, including, without limitation, the slow speed or failure of telephone lines and computers that manage the telecom traffic between the user and the system Vedova & Partners.
* 8.6 The user agrees to hold harmless from all losses, damages, liabilities, costs, charges and expenses including any legal costs that may be suffered or incurred by Vedova & Partners as a result of any failure to meet its obligations and guarantees user with the signing of this contract or application form and in any case related to entering information in the space provided by Vedova & Partners, even in cases of damages claimed by third parties for any reason.


* 9.1 Neither party is responsible for failures attributable to causes of fire, explosion, earthquake, volcanic eruptions, landslides, cyclones, storms, floods, hurricanes, avalanches, war, popular uprisings, riots, strikes and any other cause unpredictable and exceptional prevents provide the agreed service.


* 10.1 Vedova & Partners is committed to maintaining the efficiency of the service offered: in case it was forced to interrupt the service for exceptional events or for maintenance, Vedova & Partners will take care to restore services as quickly as possible to minimize the risk of hardships of all kinds. Vedova & Partners define the appropriate procedures for access to services and reserves the right to improve them at any time to be able to increase efficiency. Vedova & Partners will provide you all the support and specifications of the service.


* At 11.1 Vedova & Partners will be collected and stored data related to the subscription form in order to fulfill their tax obligations, tax and anything else necessary to activation, management and / or maintenance of services provided by Vedova & Partners. The nature of data is not compulsory and any refusal has no consequence but could result in the non-fulfillment of assumed by Vedova & Partners in the provision of services requested. The personal information provided by you to Vedova & Partners directly or indirectly are protected, relating to the protection of people and other subjects regarding the processing of personal data, and will therefore be used for the entire execution of the contract and for the formalities required by law or requested by the competent authorities.


* 12.1 This contract has a value between the parties from the date of activation notified by e-mail until the natural expiration of the contract.


* 13.1 Any tax liability arising from the contract, including any taxes for advertising, shall be borne by the user.


* 14.1 Vedova & Partners reserves the right to declare the contract terminated pursuant to and by effect of Article 1456 of the Civil Code with a written letter to be sent by e-mail in case of breach of the obligations contained in points: 4 . PAYMENT AND NON-PAYMENT and 6. OBLIGATIONS, PROHIBITIONS AND RESPONSIBILITIES, remain in any case affect the rights of Vedova & Partners the perception of fees for services under contract even if not used in full.


* 15.1 For any dispute arising from this contract, the parties purport conventionally competence in favor of the forum which will be chosen by the supplier.

Vedova & Partners LLP, The Apex, 2 Sheriffs Orchard, Coventry, CV1 3PP, UK Company No. OC417730